Sunday, February 27, 2005

iBook Repair Saga No. 2

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had always been a PC user, until very recently when I purchased an iBook, partially motivated by the iPod I bought a while ago that i have been extremely happy with.
I bought the iBook around a month ago at the online education store, and received it soon after, I was very pleased with my purchase apart from one small issue.
When I first started using the iBook I noticed that the screen was ever so slightly off centre (it is able to rotate slightly so that it is sometimes correctly aligned and sometimes around 1-2mm off centre.
I did not think too much about it although I was slightly disappointed about the build quality, I thought that this was the reason that it was so much cheaper than the presumably better built powerbooks.
That was until I saw two other iBooks that friends purchased (partly due to my thorough recommendation) that did not suffer the problem at all, this is what encouraged me to call technical support.
I called Apple who told me that this kind of thing was all handled my local dealers now, and that i should call a company in another town in my county.
When I called this firm they said that they didn't know if it was covered by Apple warranty, but that they could open a file and check. however, if it was not I would be charged £40 inspection fee, I would also have incurred the cost of either driving it to the dealer (over an hour each way) or posting it twice.
The iBook is very new and in warranty, I would like to know why I am not able to have the machine looked at without the risk of having to pay £40, which I cannot afford. I have been using the iBook for several weeks now and have grown used to the issue as it does not affect the actual use of it in anyway, therefore I am no longer seeking an inspection or repair.
The inconvenience of it being away would far outweigh the problem itself.
I am however, informing you that this does not go very far to reinforce the reputation that Apple has as a friendly and efficient company, and as a recent switcher has made me realise that the level of service available is no higher than I used to receive with PC vendors (that level of service being one of my motivations to switch to Apple).
I merely encourage you to resolve this poor technical support before it creates reverse switchers, something that I do not wish to see, as Apple seems to be a far more creative and intelligent company that most others.

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew Sparkes


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